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15 grammar errors that make you look silly

15 grammar errors that make you look silly 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

Here are 15 grammar goofs that can make you look silly

Engaging online writing is informal, conversational, and fun… but certain goofy mistakes just make you look silly… and not in a good way.


  1. Your/You’re
  2. It’s/Its
  3. There/Their/They’re
  4. Affect/Effect
  5. Then/Than
  6. Loose/Lose
  7. Me, Myself, And I
  8. Improper use of the apostrophe
  9. Could of/Would of/Should of
  10. Complement/Compliment
  11. Fewer/less
  12. Historic/Historical
  13. Principal/Principle
  14. Literally
  15. The dangling participle

from Copyblogger

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