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How to change text to upper/lower case

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by Nancy J Price

There are several ways to convert text to and from varying formats without having to go as far as retyping everything.

Whether you’re aiming to go from UPPERCASE ALL CAPS or the annoying cRazY cAse or lengthy bits of lower-case text that you want to switch into a more typical sentence case style, here are five options.

Convert on the web
convert-case-textConvert text to and from Sentence case, lower case, UPPER CASE and Capitalized Case (sometimes called Title Case).
Convert text to and from Sentence case, lower case, UPPER CASE, Capital Case, tOGGLE cASE and BASE64 encoding/decoding.
Will change text to lower or UPPER case (or vice versa) — and it’s smart enough to know to make the first letter of a sentence a capital. (It will also count words and characters.)

Conversion tools in word processing programs

In OpenOffice Writer
Select the text you want to change, then go to Format > Change Case.

In Microsoft Word 2013
Select the text you want to change, then go to Home > Font > Change Case.

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