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About WritingFix

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From the site:

The free-to-use WritingFix website is sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project. In Northern Nevada, the NNWP uses its federal and state funding to sponsor professional development projects for collaborating teachers. WritingFix has been one of those funded projects since 2001.

In 2001, the National Writing Project asked the NNWP to create a technology site plan. The Northern Nevada Writing Project’s site plan focused on creating a resource-based website that could be shared during the NNWP’s workshops and inservice classes for teachers. WritingFix is that resource-based website.

Since 2001, dozens and dozens of workshops have been designed by the NNWP. Resources shared at these workshops are posted at this website. Teacher participants are encouraged to create original resources and lessons, inspired by the ones shared at the website. The best ideas and lessons proposed by teachers become part of WritingFix.

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