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About WEbook

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From the site: is a site for the discovery of new, talented writers. It brings together tens of thousands of writers, published authors, avid readers, and almost 100 established literary agents, for the purpose of finding talented writers, and helping them get published.

WEbook’s PageToFame is for any writer who wants feedback and it starts with just one great page. Test out your writing talent on PageToFame to gain the attention of leading literary agents or industry pros. Whether you have a short story or a full manuscript — or only a first page — WEbook has totally got you covered.

Want to go the traditional route, find an agent, and make it to the big time? Let WEbook’s AgentInbox help you draw a roadmap. At WEbook, you’ll find the tools you need to make your writing dreams come true, no matter what those dreams are.

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