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SpiderOak backups

SpiderOak backups

About SpiderOak backups

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From the site:

You and your data have a long history together, protecting that by automatically backing up any changes, edits, and/or additions to your backup set is only part of what we do. You can also access your data from any device within your SpiderOak network or on the web, and enjoy the freedom of traveling light while staying connected to all your important documents, photos and videos wherever you go.

First released in 2007, SpiderOak helped define the industry of online backup. Determined to dispel the myth that “data online can’t be secure,” SpiderOak carved its niche as the top choice for those most concerned with privacy.

The engineering goal was simple — devise a plan where users’ files, filenames, file types, folders, and/or any other personal information is never exposed to anyone for any reason (even under government subpoena).

On the web:

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