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Publish Green

Publish Green

About Publish Green

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From the site:

Publish Green is committed to helping traditionally published authors, self-published authors, and book publishers of all sizes make their mark in the eBook publishing world by providing a full range of eBook formatting, distribution, editing, and marketing services.

Our patent-pending eBook formatting techniques are unique to Publish Green only — no one else in the industry does exactly what we do. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be “done” with an eBook — from complex textbook layouts to illustrated children’s books, we’ve got it covered.

At Publish Green, real people who care about your eBook do all of the formatting. Each eBook has a single, dedicated formatter who goes through it line-by-line to make sure everything looks perfect. As an author, you want your eBook to look professional on every eReading device, and Publish Green makes sure that it does.
Publish Green can convert many different file types, including Word, InDesign and PDF. You give us what you have, and we take it from there. We do not have any specifications or style guides for the files you submit.

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