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Payhip ecommerce

Payhip ecommerce

About Payhip ecommerce

Payhip ecommerce 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

From the site:

To start selling on Payhip, simply upload your ebook file and add a name, description, price and a thumbnail image. You can setup your ebook page and start earning in a matter of seconds.

Give customers an incentive to spread the word by letting them tweet and like your ebooks to get discounts… How does it work? Your customer clicks on a “Tweet or Like for Discount” button, a dialog pops up, pre-filled with a message and link — once they tweet or like, they get a discount.

On the web:

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1 review

  1. Do not upload your work onto Payhip. Once up there, they will not allow you to remove it. I have tried contacting them 3 times to ask how to delete from their site.

    No response.



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