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One Book Shy

One Book Shy

About One Book Shy

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From the site:

Follow along on my eternal quest to find that ONE missing book.

For the most part, I will read just about anything that sparks an interest with me or might fuel a lively discussion. My favorite types of books are historical fiction/romance, fantasy and paranormal, young adult, women’s fiction/chick lit, green living, gardening, pets, etc. I generally don’t care to read the following types: true crime, politics, and most biographies but I will make exceptions.

I really like to interact with authors in the form of interviews and/or guest posts. I feel this along with giveaways is a great way to further showcase the book being reviewed. It also gives me and the readers a chance to meet the wielder of the pen!

I like to be able to take my time to enjoy a book and not be rushed to get it finished. Unless we are working on a blog tour or have already pre-arranged a date for the review, it may take several weeks or longer once I’ve received my copy to get the review written and published. If you have a deadline, I need to know about it in advance so we can plan accordingly. I won’t post a review of a book that I haven’t read myself and I will not guarantee a review. I do my best to read all of the books that I receive, but I am human and some books just won’t resonate with me. This is one of the reasons I try to be choosy about what I accept.

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