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Morguefile free photo archive

Morguefile free photo archive

About Morguefile free photo archive

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From the site:

Looking for high resolution stock photos for your illustration, comp or design needs? Search Morgue File for free reference images. Yes, they’re all completely free. whether you’re an illustrator, art director, instructor or looking to add a defining visual to a presentation.

The morguefile images are really free to use in creative projects, although they are not in the public domain. You are still responsible for the legal content of the images including model releases and property releases. These images are provided with free usage rights, it is similar to taking the image yourself, but you can not claim ownership of the image.

The morguefile license is specifically for designers and illustrators to use the images in a creative process creating work of their own. If you would like to use the image in a blog post, we recommend contacting the photographer and providing a byline under the photo with the photographer’s name.

Editor’s note: This site has nothing to do with actual morgues and/or dead people. Just so you know.

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