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Bowker MyIdentifiers ISBNs

Bowker MyIdentifiers ISBNs

About Bowker MyIdentifiers ISBNs

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While several places offer ebook/book ISBN codes (either for free or for a fee), there are caveats — usually in that you have purchased from a reseller, so your book will appear to be published by whichever company bought the ISBNs in the first place. (See some other authors insight in this self-publishing article and over on the CreateSpace message boards.)

The way to avoid any such issues is to buy directly from Bowker, which is actually the only official source of ISBNs in the United States (and territories).

A few tips:

  • Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other retailers do not require you to have an ISBN for your ebook.
  • If you do buy an ISBN — whether for an ebook or print book — don’t pay Bowker for the bar code version. There are places online to get your bar code generated automatically, and sites like CreateSpace will add your barcode to your book’s back cover for no charge.
  • Purchasing a single bar code is crazy expensive, but buying 10 brings the price per down to a much more reasonable level. (Buying more makes them almost cheap.) If you plan to write another book, a sequel, or even make a significant revision to your book down the road, consider buying more than one ISBN.

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