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Booking with Manic

Booking with Manic

About Booking with Manic

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Book reviews, giveaways, author interviews and more from author Stephanie Elliot.

From the site:

I love authors, and I love writing and reading and napping. I love meeting authors and have met some amazing writers, especially when I lived in the Chicagoland area because every writer traveled to Chicago. Now I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is great for the weather, not so great for the authors.

I blog about books and the authors that I love today, and that blog is Booking with Manic. I’ve featured so many talented authors and discovered so many great books along the way.

If you are an author or a publicist and want to get your book featured on Booking with Manic, please get in touch with me. I feature novels that appeal to women and favor women’s fiction, new adult, humor, self-help, memoir, parenting, chick lit, some young adult and the occasional dude lit author. If you’re not sure if your book is right for Booking with Manic, send me a note.

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